Artist we work for.

We are extremely lucky to get to work with and for so many incredible and talented people.


Kelly Graham

"Kelly Graham of Weatherford, Texas is proud to say he has had the opportunity to sculpt some of the most prolific individuals in the world. That includes horses, bucking bulls, and some outstanding human beings as well! He has a here to continue

Jimmy Hill

Jimmy Hill is a sculptor, painter, and owner of Hefestus Fine Arts. He has 20+ years of experience in Bronze Foundry work and is highly skilled in here to continue

Todd Mueller

Todd Mueller is a local Texas artist creating western sculptures with a love for the old west, Texas and the proud spirit of the two." here to continue

Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry is a phenomenal portrait and equestrian sculptor, her home studio is in Springtown, Texas. She has done work for the American Quarter Horse Association, including the iconic “Refrigerator.” Lisa Perry also here to continue

John David Rule 

"John David Rule Saddlery & Sculpture Art was established in 1980 and has been creating world class leather and sculpture art ever since."John Rule is out of Oklahoma, each of his sculptures have a unique here to continue

Jimray Scott

Jimray Scott is a Fort Worth artist who sculpts, paints, and created digital art. Jimray also works with many found here to continue. 

Shelley Kolman Smith

Shelley Kolman Smith specializes in portrait and liturgical art. Her home studio, Flying Paint Ranch Sculpture Studio, is located in Poetry Texas and her art and sculptures are featured all over the United States. Shelley Smith is here to continue

Jack Stevens

"Jack Stevens was born in 1934 in a small ranching community in West Texas. Orphaned when he was about 12, he lived with his brother on the river for about 3 yrs. He then went to work on cattle ranches in West Texas here to continue

Jerry Vaughn

Jerry Vaughn is a cowboy western bronze artist. Jerry has lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and California always taking his love for horseback and roping everywhere he went. Jerry Vaughn's love for these things has inspired him here to continue