Hefestus at The Stock Show & Rodeo

This past January we had an incredible opportunity to have a booth at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. We met many great people, heard fun stories, and shared some of our own! We would like to thank Lisa Perry for such a great opportunity along with all of the people that helped and encouraged us over the 23-day adventure.

Our booth consisted of some small sculptures we have cast for artists. We had Jerry Vaughn’s Bull Rider, Cowgirl, and Bronc Rider on display the first week at the show. John David Rule’s Big Medicine and Still Spotted Horse were on display as well. Jimmy Hill, the guy that keeps our shop running, was also able to display some of his work. All of the pieces we had on display received so much admiration and interest from everyone who passed.

Our show stoppers were two life size bronzes. One was a life-size horse, sculpted by Kelly Graham. We took this piece to show a rarely seen step in the process, the bronze horse was only tack welded together still missing its tail, ears, a front leg, and a piece out of the belly. So many little cowboys and cowgirls were ready to climb up and ride the horse, or get inside of it! J The other sculpture that EVERYONE loved was a completed life-size bronze of a little boy and his stick horse, sculpted by Lisa Perry, this piece goes to her “Big Dreams” sculpture. Parent’s just loved putting their little kids next to the piece to pose for pictures!

We really enjoyed meeting so many great people and showing just a glimpse of what goes into bronze casting through the Lost Wax Process. Jimmy has been in the industry for 20+ years, so for me it was great to run into people who have worked with Jimmy in the past or were part of making many local bronze monuments happen. To sum it up we enjoyed the ride and hope you all did too!