"Nativity Scene" Shelley Kolman Smith (a work in progress)

Hefestus has been working on a life-size nativity scene for sculptor Shelley Kolman Smith. Since last August Shelley has been bringing her original clay sculptures to our shop to get molds made so that we can cast her beautiful nativity scene in bronze. The nativity scene will be installed at the Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church in Oklahoma City.

In late December the Parish picked up the bronze Mary and baby Jesus and just before Easter they picked up one of the Wiseman. The final two Wiseman are due to be complete at the end of May early June, and the final 4 life-size bronzes will be together at last!

In Shelley Kolman Smith’s career as a sculptor she has done many portrait and liturgical pieces commissioned by various parties. Shelley has been a constant encourager since before we started Hefestus and we always look forward to and love working with her. If you would like to read more about Shelley and the work that she has done, visit her website here.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures of the final bronze nativity scene!