Bronze Casting Fort Worth

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years to you and yours! We are very excited about the upcoming year, our 2nd year as Hefestus Fine Arts, HFA, bronze casting team! We look forward to adding another year to our 20+ years of experience in mold making and bronze casting. Just like most…we have set a few goals for the upcoming year!

We Have A NEW Website!!!

We have been working hard creating a website that is easy and fun for YOU to view and navigate through. We are eagerly approaching the end of our first year in business as Hefestus Fine Arts and working hard to add another year to our 20+ years of experience. 

We hope you enjoy our site, please share with your friends and send us any feedback or suggestions that you have! Our goal is to have a website where our customers and community can keep up with the incredible projects we get to be apart of.

Our Shop page, will tell you a little bit of our history and who we are along with what we do here at Hefestus Fine Arts. Be sure to check out our Projects gallery, to view some of the recent bronzes we have casted or worked on.  Our Lost Wax Process page will show you the process that we use to create bronze sculpture, it is even a little animated!  Last but not least is our Contact page, here you can send a request for a quote for pieces that you want to cast in bronze, or give us feed back on the website. Is there something you can't find, don't like, or want to see more of? Just let us know! 

We look forward to the years to come and thank our artists, family, friends, and community for all of the support! Hope you enjoy our website!